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RIVCO windows were among the most-specified and most-installed windows in New England for more than 40 years.

Riverside Millwork Corporation, doing business as RIVCO, ceased operations in 2007. Since that time, parts and repairs for RIVCO windows have been offered by The Window Medics of New England LLC, and The Window Medics have satisfied the RIVCO window repair needs of thousands of homeowners.

Please take a look at these questions that are frequently asked about RIVCO windows and The Window Medics of New England

Is RIVCO still in business?

No. RIVCO ceased operations in 2007.

Are warranty repairs still available for RIVCO windows?

Unfortunately, no. When the company ceased operations, all assets were dissolved to satisfy creditors and no fund was made available to cover the cost of providing parts and repairs under warranty.

Are warranty repairs available for other window brands that were available from RIVCO?

In some cases, yes, but many warranties have expired. Contact the manufacturer, or The Window Medics of New England, to see if you can get parts and repairs covered under warranty.

Why should I contact The Window Medics of New England?

When RIVCO shut down, former members of the management team acquired the telephone numbers, website domains and RIVCO's entire OEM parts manufacturing and supply chain. Nobody has more experience or expertise regarding RIVCO windows, and no other company has access to RIVCO windows OEM parts, except the contractors hired by The Window Medics to perform repairs.

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